Know-how & innovation

More than 70 years of experience at your service and 100% French production. The strength of a design office and integrated development to master all steps from design to on-site start-up: 3D design, thermal simulation, electrical equipment, automation and industrial computer equipment, etc.

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Areas of expertise for heat treatment solutions

Designing customized industrial furnaces requires mastery of several scientific and technical fields:

  • Industrial thermal engineering: calculations, simulations and tests
  • Mechanical engineering: Sizing and material handling
  • Electricity/ Automation / Industrial computer equipment: diagrams, wiring, programming, control and supervision

Turnkey heat treatment installations,
After-Sales Service

Project management is at the centre of our concerns and our human resources are trained to carry out all the steps:

  • Delivery
  • On-site start-up
  • Full training in the operation of our installations, for various levels of personnel
  • Various maintenance contracts adapted to your needs
  • Hotline service in direct contact with your technicians
  • Quick and effective After-Sales Service in your factories

Innovation and R&D

SAT’s R&D and marketing departments conduct active listening to understand its customers’ expectations and needs.

Using highly efficient simulation and modelling tools, our R&D unit can help you to master your processes and heat treatment.

AMS2750, AMS2770, NADCAP, CQI-9, BAC5621, RPS953, ATEX (Explosive Atmospheres), UL, GOST, etc.

We carry out constant monitoring of technology and standards in order to improve your equipment, allowing us to master all developments in the environments specific to your sectors of activity.