Heat treatment furnaces for light alloys

Solution treatment – Water quenching – Air quenching – Tempering – Annealing – Homogenization

Solution treatment, quenching and tempering furnaces


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Horizontal-loading quenching furnace

Vertical-loading quenching furnace

Continuous quenching furnace

Tempering furnace


Several architectures are possible to adapt to your productivity requirements and your space constraints:

  • Vertical or horizontal load transfer, fixed or mobile furnace, fixed, mobile or pit type tank
  • Multi-tank or multi-furnace solutions.
  • Continuous automated heat treatment lines
  • Cold or heated water quenching, water + polymer quenching.

Very short transfer times with loads of several tonnes to meet the requirements of the standards associated with your products: NADCAP, AMS, BAC, GHOST, RPS and CQi9

Our mastery of air flow and control enables us to offer equipment which can reach a uniformity of +/-2 °C on very large volumes.

SAT heat treatment furnaces are already used by the biggest aviation and automobile equipment manufacturers, and in the forging and foundry industries.

Thermal equipment appropriate for the various metallurgical states of aluminium alloys: T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8.

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Heat treatment furnaces dedicated to forging applications
Heat treatment furnaces for aluminium alloys