Ovens for curing of composites at temperatures up to 450 °C

SAT offers a range of ovens specifically adapted to all curing processes: pre-impregnated, RTM (resin transfer moulding), infusion, filament winding, honeycomb drying, curing, post-curing, pultrusion, thermoforming, etc.

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SAT composite curing ovens are already used not only by the most prestigious aviation equipment suppliers but also in the automobile and sports industries.

SAT offers a genuine complete turnkey solution, standard or customized, which takes into account all the parameters of the composite curing process:

  • Temperature: precise and controlled thermal cycles (temperature rise, fall and uniformity), and an air flow adapted to the weight and shape of your moulds. Able to exceed 450 °C, our ovens allow the use of all thermosetting and thermoplastic resins.
  • Vacuum: from simple draw-off to a complete vacuum unit (pump, tank, filter, measurements, etc.)
  • Pressure
  • Resin injection (Infusion, RTM)

We also offer a very complete user-friendly supervision system capable of managing all the parameters (temperature cycles, vacuum, pressure, resin injection, encrypted recording complying with AMS, CQI9 and NADCAP, batch management), etc.

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Composite ovens for RTM and INFUSION turnkey processes