29 April 2021

An unusual oven !

Discover one of our latest achievements : a 3m3 low temperature “Norma” oven intended for pharmaceuticals and more precisely for biomedicines.

A glimpse of one of our latest achievements : a 3m3 low temperature “Norma” oven.

This oven, designed entirely around our client’s product, is extremely precise. Indeed, its homogeneity is +/- 0.45°C at 85°C ! Its mapping was done at nine points with calibrated measuring equipment.

The processed product, from the pharmaceutical sector and more precisely from the “biomedicine”, is highly sensitive to temperature variations. SAT’s know-how has made it possible to meet the requirements of this specialized process.

Our oven will thus participate in the manufacture of médicines derived from the human body, known as “médicines derived from living organisms” in order to treat rare pathologies.

We are very proud and honored to be able to put our technicality and our expertise at the service of the medical industries and thus participate in great projects like this one.

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