Continuous light alloy heat treatment furnaces

Complete light alloy heat treatment lines, heat treatment type T4 and T6: solution treatment, quenching and tempering.

Why a continuous heat treatment furnace?


Alu-SAT 3000 lines are continuous light alloy heat treatment lines: specially designed for large series productions with a high production rate.

The loads pass through a tunnel furnace to reach the solution treatment temperature. An automated systems enables quenching and removal of the loads from the tank.

A material handling system designed according to your workshop constraints will manage entries and exits from the tempering ovens associated with the treatment.

Particularly widely used in the automobile sector (engine attachment parts, suspension components, rims, chassis, etc.), this type of installation can be sized for all productions of alloy parts in large quantities obtained from forging and foundry processes.

Fully customized, the Alu-SAT 3000 continuous heat treatment furnace range is studied and designed based on your product and production rate and the heat treatment process.

Thermal equipment appropriate for the various metallurgical states of aluminium alloys:

  • T4,
  • T5,
  • T6,
  • T7,
  • T8