10 July 2024

Customer Case

How to optimize energy consumption while adapting the volume of the oven to the variable size of the loads to be processed ?


Combining energy efficiency and optimal use of space

Our client, a company in the aeronautical industry specializing in surface treatment, was faced with a major problem: how to optimize its energy consumption while adapting the volume of the oven to the variable size of the loads to be treated ?

solution developed

To respond to this complex problem, our team of thermal engineers has designed an innovative tailor-made solution, based on the following principles :


1. Oven has two distinct control zones :

The oven has been equipped with two distinct control zones, allowing independent management of the temperature in each zone.

This feature provides optimal flexibility to tailor processing to specific characteristics
loads, thereby minimizing unnecessary energy consumption.





2. Interior vertical separation door :

An automatic interior vertical separation door has been integrated to divide the volume of the oven into two distinct zones.
This separation allows selective use of each zone depending on the size of the loads to be processed, thus optimizing energy and operational efficiency.

Four configurations are possible: zone 1 only, zone 2 only, the 2 zones with the separation door closed at 2 different temperatures, zone 1 & 2 with the interior door open to use the oven in its largest volume.



3. Double doors with front and rear access :

The oven is equipped with two double doors, offering the possibility of accessing the processing areas from the front or rear depending on specific needs.

This versatile design makes it easy to load and unload parts from both sides.

Rails embedded in the floor help guide the cart when it is inserted into the oven. They facilitate loading and unloading of parts to be processed, while ensuring smooth and precise movement.

What are the benefits for the customer ?


  • Reduced energy consumption : The flexibility offered by the two separate control zones and the separation door allows for more efficient use of energy, thereby reducing operational costs.


  • Improved productivity : The ability to adapt the volume of the oven to the size of the loads to be processed allows the oven to be used for small quantities, without waiting for a larger volume.


  • Versatility and ease of use: The double door design provides versatility of access and ease of use, allowing for easy handling of loads and optimization of workflows.


Thanks to this tailor-made solution, our client was able to successfully meet the challenge of optimizing its energy consumption while maintaining efficient and profitable surface treatment operations in the demanding field of the aeronautical industry.