5 October 2017


SAT supplied Evodrone with the oven that allows it to make vital composite parts with the added value of the product.


Evodrone is a company specialized in the development and commercialization of professional drones equipped with a particularly innovative propulsion system. The innovation lies in a patented technology of variable pitch rotors that can multiply by 2 the performance of multirotor drones compared to the competition.

The first product marketed by the young company is the “Vulcan” drone. This is a 2kg quad-rotor for audiovisual professionals. It combines the performance of its patented propulsion system with the lightness of a structure made entirely of composite materials. Composed of dozens of pre-impregnated carbon and Kevlar parts, the Vulcain’s structure weighs less than 500g and helps to maximize the record 550g payload that the drone can carry.