Furnaces for pharmaceutical industries :

Why a furnace for pharmaceutical industries ?


SAT ovens for pharmaceutical production are already present at several renowned players in the sector such as GALDERMA, BOIRON, MACORS and LAPROPHAN…

SAT offers a specific design developed around your needs :
– The sealed assembly of the interior and exterior of the oven for use in a clean room
– Filtration of recycled air, intake and extract air to protect your productions
– The shaft passages mounted with gaskets
– Removable air diffusers, rounded corners for easy cleaning.
– Calibrated measuring and regulation devices delivered with their certificates.
– A precise and systematic mapping carried out in our workshops
– A homogeneity of up to +/- 2 ° C in the useful volume.
– Supply of material certificates

So many guarantees for the success of your most demanding processes.