25 August 2022


SAT Thermique has produced for a famous French car manufacturer, a #preheating furnace for steel cylinder blocks from foundries, for its site in #Turkey.

The equipment achieves a temperature uniformity of +/-3°C at 550°C, thanks to a heating power of 60 KW and a recycling ventilation of 15,000 m3/h.


The #oven is equipped with a vertical pneumatic guillotine door to optimize floor space and ergonomics.
To guarantee a very good #tightness of this one, and thus a very good #homogeneity inside the laboratory, 2 cylinders come to press the door at the end of its travel.


The door is controlled by a two-hand control to guarantee operator #safety.


In front of the oven, a high frame allows the transfer of a trolley on rollers for #loading et #unloading operations.


Temperature #regulation, as well as all the other parameters are managed by a latest generation human-machine interface, allowing perfect #control of the process and its #traceability.


The know-how of SAT experts is always around you, even in your engine!


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