18 April 2024

The importance of energy at SAT THERMIQUE.

October 22 was World Energy Day.

On this occasion, we would like to highlight some essential points in the manufacturing process of our industrial ovens and ovens aimed at saving energy.

Énergie image

SAT ovens and ovens help you save energy thanks to :


Aéraulique SAT


Their aeraulics :

Aeraulics is a study of the flow of gases in ducts.

Controlling forced convection, through the use of centrifugal reaction turbines, makes it possible to optimize heat transfers between the air and your product. This advanced technique will undoubtedly maximize your results in terms of performance and efficiency.



Isolation SAT


Their insulation :

Our unique method of installing heat insulation allows for perfect and long-lasting insulation. The latter consists of stuffing rock wool by hand between the walls.

Connecting chains make it possible to eliminate thermal bridges in the design of the frames of SAT ovens and ovens. This makes it possible to considerably reduce losses (heat losses) from installations. Wall losses are thus very reduced.



Étanchéité des ouvrants SAT


Their openings :

By opting for quality seals adapted to the temperature level and ensuring optimal plating of doors and hatches, we guarantee perfect sealing. As a result, heat losses are practically zero in our SAT equipment.




Régulation & puissance SAT


Their regulation and power management technique :

We offer you an efficient solution for perfect temperature control thanks to the use of ultra-efficient regulators.
In addition, the integration of thyristors (static contactors) will allow you to optimize the power consumed with ease. Don’t wait any longer to considerably improve your energy efficiency thanks to our innovative and proven technologies !



Extraction & renouvellement d’air SAT


Precisely sized air renewals :

Through our understanding of the processes used by customers, we are able to optimally optimize the calculation of required extraction flow rates, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption.





The source of energy :

The vast majority of SAT ovens and ovens sold, 90%, have an electrical power source, offering considerably higher efficiency than installations that run on gas for example.
SAT has in-depth expertise in the analysis and design of ovens and electric ovens. Thanks to this advanced skill, we are now able to provide extremely high-performance equipment with controlled energy consumption.


Integrating SAT equipment means better controlling your consumption, while decarbonizing your process.