11 April 2022

Vertical tunnel ovens - Technical textiles market

is proud to have supplied for its client, a leading global player in technical textiles, 4 vertical tunnel ovens for the drying and cross-linking of glass and carbon yarns after coating.

These tunnels work between 150°C and 190°C, and the layer of yarns passes through them continuously, after having passed through the coating tanks.
A round trip in each furnace at a defined speed over a useful height of 10 m, separate regulation between raising and lowering, controlled extraction for each zone, these are the adjustable parameters that allow this precise process to be carried out successfully. .

Accessibility (platform and stairs), ergonomics (multiple access hatches) and safety were also central concerns for SAT experts when designing the installation.

You can find these yarns in your environment every day: decorative fabrics for floors and walls, thermal and acoustic insulation, automotive belts, airbag fabrics, not to mention composite materials for our planes!

SAT Thermique is never far from you…

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