22 May 2024

World Metrology Day :

Today, May 20, 2024, we celebrate World Metrology Day.  This day is dedicated to all disciplines related to measurement, an essential science in many fields, including in our sector of manufacturing ovens and industrial thermal equipment.

What is Metrology ?

Metrology is the science of measurement. It encompasses all techniques and methods used to ensure measurement accuracy and reliability, which is crucial for various industrial and scientific applications. For us, manufacturers of thermal equipment, metrology is essential to ensure the quality and performance of our products.


The Importance of Metrology in Our Processes


Metrology plays a central role in the qualification of our equipment and in the precision of the monitoring of the recipes carried out. Here are some key aspects where metrology plays a crucial role :


1. The temperature

  • Thermal Homogeneity : ensure uniform heat distribution in our ovens and furnaces for constant and reliable results.
  • Value chain monitoring : ensure that all temperature sensors and measuring instruments operate correctly and accurately.
  • Thermocouple Monitoring : Check thermocouples regularly to maintain their accuracy and avoid any drift that could affect thermal processes.


2. Vacuum system

  • Composite material polymerization cycles: control the vacuum level during polymerization cycles to ensure the quality and integrity of the composite materials produced.


3. The hygrometry rate

  • Monitoring of drying processes: measure and control humidity to optimize drying processes, thus avoiding production defects and improving the final quality of products.


4. Mixtures of different gases

  • Concentration control : in the context of ATEX ovens or in compliance with standard EN 1539, monitor the concentration of different gases to guarantee the safety and efficiency of thermal processes.



A Fundamental Pillar of Quality and Performance


These rigorous controls are essential to ensure the quality and performance of our products. By precisely controlling these parameters, we can not only guarantee the conformity of our products to the strictest standards, but also optimize our industrial processes for increased efficiency.


Metrology thus remains a fundamental pillar in the optimization and security of our industrial processes. In celebrating this day, we recognize the vital importance of accurate and reliable measurement in our daily lives and our commitment to continuing to improve our metrological practices to offer the highest quality equipment to our customers.