Tempering furnaces and ovens for heat treatment of light alloys

Tempering furnaces for all types of heat treatment:

Homogenization, annealing, curing, precipitation annealing
Structural hardening
Stabilization, stress relief
Softening: restoration, recrystallization, coalescence

Our know-how in the area of forced hot air convection is ideally suited to the tempering of light alloys.

Control of cycle times and the process for perfect line integration.

Our tempering furnaces are fully customized, studied and designed based on your product and your requirement in terms of treatment and production rate.

T6, T7 and T8 type treatments must be carried out at a very precise temperature (+/- 2 °C) because they are carried out in an area in which the characteristics are greatly influenced by small temperature variations.

Heating equipment adapted for the various metallurgical states of aluminium alloys: T4, T6, T7 and T8.