27 July 2022

Tank oven - Railway market

has developed for the repair of SNCF traction motor windings, a tank oven, allowing the gelling of silicone resins, with rotation.

The oven, equipped with 2 electric doors opening upwards, is loaded on deck and can accommodate up to 4 rotors. Placed on drive rollers, they are rotated by 4 gearmotors and heated to 210°C.


The rotation, adjustable from 1 to 10 revolutions per minute, allows to keep the maximum of silicone resin in the winding.


When it gels, the rotation stops and the polymerization cycle continues.


A permanent extraction, with recovery of condensates, allows the capture of effluents linked to the resin.


With loads of up to 6,300 KG per batch, this SAT tank oven treats 3,000 motors per year!


To secure your transport, trust the technical expertise and know-how of the SAT teams!

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